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  • Web Applications
  • e-Commerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Engineering Support
  • Facilities Managment

I'm a technical guy, and a creative type as well!

I have a formal background in engineering technology, having studied Electrical Engineering Technology and Industrial Instrumentation, at the Fisheries and Marine Institue of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Self-taught computer skills include web application development, databse design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Completed the 3-Year Professional Photographer's Program at the New York Institute of Photography.

15 years working for Memorial University in Facilities Managment.

Our Services

Check out our service offerings; touch base if you have any questions.

Web Applications and Website Design

I work to design and code websites that are visually compelling, but also offer functionality and any advanced capabilities you may require. I work closely with you to develop an online presence that fits your brand, and is also functional and relevant. If you can dream it; odds are I can build it!

eCommerce (Accept Credit Cards)

Get your store up and running fast with our powerful store builder that includes 100+ features, beautiful website templates, secure hosting and never any transaction fees.

Graphic / Logo Design

At Young Designs, my goal is to make you a brand leader by creating lasting graphics and logos that project immediate impact and clarity. Brand recognition, a higher perceived value, brand equity and confidence are some of the benefits a new logo will bring your company.

Engineering Support and Facilities Managment

I provide engineering support services (note: I am not an Engineer, but an Engineering Technologist. I support the efforts of the clients' engineering team) to our clients on multi discipline projects from electrical and instrumentation, to architectural, to civil engineers in both private and public sectors.

My facilities managment services puts to work my years of experience in Facilities Management experience. I offer a custom designed suite of services that are geared toward optimizing building operating performance and reducing lifecycle costs. Whether it's asset management, lifecycle replacement and rehabilitation, operations or maintenance, we got your assetts covered.

The above is just an overview; if you have a specific project in mind, I'd love to hear from you.

Darrell Young

I grew up in the "Crossroads of the World", Gander, Newfoundland. I actually grew up not all that involved with computers! My idea of a great day was to spend it riding dirt bike or ATV. I definatly was no computer nerd! When my mother told me one time that she was going to go up to Gander Academy (in my early teens) because they were having a demonstration of electronic mail, I actually said to my mother, "Mom, that email is never going to catch on!". True story!

In my college years in the early '90s I started using computers; it was a necissary comodity. This was still in a time when not everyone had an email address, websites were very basic HTML only and not every business was online at all. Computers usually connected with a 33.6 modem through a phone line. I wasn't into designing websites from early on in life, because it really wasn't a big thing back then. I still loved dirt bikes and motorcycles. In college my chosen program was Electrical Engineering Technology. After I completed that three-year program I stuck aroiund and also completed the Industrial Instrumentation program at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Part of these programs involved learning about PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). At this point is where my mind started moving towards 'automation'; albiet, PLCs controlled physical equipment, but it does involve conditions, switches, outputs. As does web programming.

Still a big lover of all things motorcycle related, in 2004 I started a small home-based business Avalon Motorsports Inc. We're a Government Approved Motorcycle Training School; kind of a driving school for motorcycles. This is in an age where web pages are more common, and most people were using email. So I knew I wanted a lot from my website. I actually work full time for Memorial University, managing contracts for Operations and Maintenace work by external contractors, and their Energy and Metering Systems. I needed my website to "DO WORK" for me. I needed things automated. It's taken many years to learn, but I have learned the skills so that the website handles most tasks. People sign up and pay for lessons on the website, the website sends out automated reminder emails and texts, the certificates and testing is on the website, and we collect the student waivers online too.

I worked my 'day job' at MUN and teach people to ride Motorcycle, I work 'freelance' in web design. As you can probably tell, I like to be busy. I'd love to chat about how I can make the web work for you!